About Elementum

Founded in early 2015, Elementum offers career coaching, advice and support exclusively for Tech professionals. We’re currently made up of Founder Shirley Tricker and her team of contractors.

We’re small, but we pack a big punch – we’re changing the Tech sector, one motivated professional at a time.

Meet Shirley Tricker – Founder

Hi, I’m Shirley. I launched Elementum after a 20 year career in Tech because I wanted to make a difference. I have worked in many different roles, companies and industries, and throughout my career I saw a pattern emerge: many employers struggle to attract and retain good staff, while many employees struggle to get the development opportunities they want.

Passionate about the Tech sector, I decided to try to improve the culture through career coaching and training, and Elementum was born.

Elementum is here to support and encourage tech professionals who want to be better.

I have a saying that underpins all the work I do: I believe in you and I haven’t even met you yet. I know everyone is capable of achieving so much – sometimes we all just need a little help along the way. I’m here to provide that support.

I understand the frustrations and difficulties – and rewards and awesome perks – that come with Tech roles. My goal is to help people overcome personal and professional challenges, so that they can be their best and thrive at work.

Outside of Elementum, I am part of the awesome Nomad8 tribe of Agile coaches. I’m also on the organising team for the annual WeTest Conference and I volunteer with a few programmes that inspire and educate young people about a future in Tech. And I enjoy presenting at conferences such as CukeUp! AU, and BNZ’s “Be good with testing” conference where I was the closing keynote speaker.

When I’m not working, you’ll probably find me day-dreaming about travel. I have been lucky enough to explore many beautiful countries around the world – the favourite place I have visited so far is Nepal, but I feel very lucky to live in and explore my adopted country, New Zealand.