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I’ve helped people get better roles, more money, less stress and more confidence. Contact me if there are opportunities or skills you want, if you’re looking for a new or improved role, or if you just need unbiased, independent advice relating to your career.

For some people, just 1 session is all they need. Others prefer to check in every month or two so they can keep moving forward.

I have lots of experience working in Tech and I love helping people who work in this industry to get more of what they want at work. Contact me at 0220 474 475 or

Here’s what people have said about being coached by me …

“Shirley helped me land my dream job. She helped me focus and organise myself by offering practical tips and techniques. She helped me tweak my CV so that it highlighted the parts of my skills that related to the job I was looking for. I valued her input greatly. She was energetic, open and fun to deal with. I would highly recommend some one on one time with Shirley if you are looking for your next career move.”

“Thank you so much. It’s been an eye opening experience working with you on my CV.”

“Imagine a situation where you have landed in a totally new country and you have no idea about work culture or local experience and on top of that you have a break of 5 years in your career. I met Shirley in the this situation. She helped me gain confidence and strengthen my strengths and weaken my weaknesses. She helped me to redesign my CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile. The outcome was that in no more than 3 months I got 2 job offers. I feel really lucky that I met her.”

“I loved the really practical advice. I got off the call with a list of things I could do to make a difference to my profile in the market right away.”

“Working with Shirley helps me focus on my own development goals, not just my employer’s needs. Sharing my thoughts in safety helps me clarify ideas and makes my goals more real.”

“I loved the support and encouragement that you gave to me. you filled me with confidence…and gave me excellent pointers to enable me to achieve my goal. You are warm, encouraging, experienced and extremely supportive. I would recommend your guidance to whomever needed it.”

“Thank you very much…my CV and cover letter documents are in better shape and it was an absolutely wonderful learning exercise working with you.”

“Shirley is an awesome Career Advisor. Her career advice and years of professional experience in IT has helped me understand the job market in New Zealand and eventually land a job as a Test Analyst. She is very passionate about her work in offering career advice to job-seekers and Tech professionals to enable them to start and grow their career. ”

“Conversations with Shirley help bring clarity in a way that almost nobody else can provide in such a specialised industry. Her comprehensive knowledge of testing practices and the world-of-work associated with them are second to none. From broad issues of employment to more specific topics of work methodologies, skill-sets and training, Shirley is able to make sense of it all. She will help you orient yourself correctly to the direction appropriate for you.”

“You make me look at things from a different perspective and change my thinking. It makes a difference in my job and my team have noticed too. I’m more confident and I am now making progress. Thank you.”

“There were three key messages I took from my coaching with Shirley when I recently applied for a role I had no immediate experience in but for which I had a range of transferable skills:  this is as much a chance for me to learn about the company and its values as it is a chance for me to shine,  I should not be apologetic for the skills I don’t have but proudly advertise my strengths and the diversity I bring, and take a moment before the appointment to breathe, to become aware of my posture and to bring confidence and personality in the room. Shirley also called it my experiment instead of my interview and something as simple as changing that language made it less scary. What I also took from the coaching was that if this ‘experiment’ didn’t work out I should see it as a learning experience and move on to the next opportunity, this was not my one and only chance. Last but not least, Shirley helping to frame my interview questions, you know the ones you have at the end of an interview, was extremely valuable. It helped me realise that I had not formulated the questions the right way and that I could have made them stronger.”

“I am grateful for her help and recommend her unreservedly.”

“I’ve known Shirley for the past three years both as a practice manager at Assurity and also as a co-organiser of the WeTest Auckland meetups. As a mentor, I’ve found Shirley to not only be extremely encouraging but also helpful as well. She offered concrete advice to help me improve my testing career and also helped me recognise my strengths as a software tester. Shirley is a very pragmatic mentor who strives to help the person she is mentoring, realise their full potential.”

“Shirley holds the characteristics of a great professional mentor whom I am very blessed to know. She has keen eyes and ears to observe different situations and give very spot-on advices. I worked with Shirley as a part of her team during my consulting engagement with a client in Auckland. I have always taken Shirley’s suggestions to give it a go and seen the benefits whether it is a client-related delivery object or personal/career development related direction. Her advice goes beyond the extension of problem-solving and situation-reaction, but to input into one the quality and ability to stand up and build things that will last and generate long-term result either for him/her or the organization. For a recent career development decision, I have sought Shirley’s input and as usual Shirley is still an outstanding, sincere and practical adviser whom I believe most of the people who know her agree with me. I have no hesitation recommending Shirley to other professional workers (whether you are in IT or not) to go with the offers of her professional services from Elementum.”

“Shirley has the amazing quality of bringing out the best in you. She has been a guiding force in helping me grow in my career. A few things she has helped me with so far have been how she encouraged me in giving my first public talk on software testing at a meetup, after which I realised my public speaking potential, and giving me valuable advice on a successful salary negotiation. I would highly recommend Shirley to those individuals who are looking to progress further in their careers and reaching their full potential.”

“You are such an inspiration and positive person …I love our sessions. The points that really work for me are: – Flexibility : I can be at home and talk to you over Skype and decide on my own agenda – Resourceful : You are so resourceful , you always have such a wonderful suggestions for what to read, who to follow, you share information about courses that are helpful, conferences to go to and great meet-ups to be part of which works really well for me – Vastly experienced : When I discuss my professional challenges, you see it in a different light and offer me directions that I could never think of with my own thinking hat. You give me a totally different perspective and tools to handle it in a very nice way.”

“… you made me realise that I do probably often under estimate my abilities and that I should be more confident and that the best way to learn something new or develop my skills further is to just do it!”

“A seasoned and capable consultant who throughout all interactions demonstrated an incredibly high level of integrity and trust! Shirley combines technology savvy with an amazing depth of interpersonal skill. She has an extraordinary ability to connect with people rapidly and deeply. Her warmth, care and appreciative style are perfect for someone who works with people on something as intimate as career coaching. She has an exceedingly flexible and powerful approach that takes the appearance of a light and humorous conversation yet always seems to deliver great clarity and results. I invariably feel inspired and alive after a conversation with her. I would highly recommend her as a coach to anyone looking to make personal change.”