Coaching is all about you.

Our coaching sessions are tailored specifically for whatever you need. We help you overcome challenges, reach your goals and take charge of your career. You can shortcut your growth by learning from someone experienced in what you’re going through.

Coaching will help you:

  • Make a good impression in a new role
  • Get more of what you want from your career
  • Improve your confidence and do great work

What does coaching involve?

  • We meet by by phone or online or in person
  • Sessions are usually 30 – 60 minutes long
  • Sessions can be ad hoc or regular – whatever you need

Many companies pay for their staff to have independent coaching. Please contact me if you’d like help asking your company for this.

Here’s some of the ways our clients have benefitted from coaching:

  • Becoming an effective leader
  • Improved communication and listening skills
  • Salary and offer negotiations
  • Job search strategies
  • Strategies for dealing with stress at work
  • Preparation for an important interview
  • Tips to be effective and productive

You aren’t alone in your career journey. We’re here to help, encourage and support you along the way.

My areas of experience: leadership and management, software testing, business analysis, Agile, coaching, editing and proofreading, documentation, customer support, working in corporates and start ups, mentoring, volunteering, conference organising, working in “legacy”/traditional environments, diversity and inclusivity.

Contact me:  or 0220474475