Instructions & Inspiration

Elementum Cards are all about getting back to human connection. Modern life has many ways to distract us from each other, and even when we're together it's hard to think of fun things to do.

Elementum Cards take the work out of having fun and help you create moments that matter. 

Our Family Edition has 70 question and activity prompts inspired by games we've played as a family for over forty years. Each card has something different - an interesting question to reflect on, a conversation starter, an idea for a fun or creative activity.   


➡️ How to play

Here are some ways that families use Elementum Cards, but the beauty of the cards is they can be adapted to suit your family's preferences!

  • Get the family together and take turns to choose a card and do the activity. The person who chooses the card decides the rules.
  • Choose a regular time and get the cards out. That's family games night sorted!
  • Friends coming over? Pick one card for everyone to take turns answering.  
  • Choose an activity card and plan a time to do it in the future. 

Players can skip a card, super size an activity or adapt the instructions. So if it says to draw you could choose to act, sing or speak instead.  


🌏 Where to play

You can play Elementum at the dining table, in the car, at a picnic table near the beach, on the ferry, at school, in your camping tent … pretty much anywhere. If the card you've chosen doesn't suit your surroundings, move on to the next one.


Our only other tip is to take photos of your activities. Capture family moments of fun, laughter and togetherness.


❤️ Elementum Cards: from our family to yours